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Welcome to the BDS Wales Young Drivers page. Your Young Driver representative to the BDS Wales Committee is Emily Ham who can be contacted at

The program for Young Drivers in Wales is very well supported and we encourage all ages to participate up to 18 years. Currently individual areas take on training for these Young Drivers as requested by the area members, and on a national scale we run the BDS Wales Young driver Award.

This award was set up to recognise the Young Drivers achievements and to encourage their further learning in the field of carriage driving. Each Young Driver that would like to participate in the scheme needs to put together a portfolio describing their participation in BDS carriage driving over the past year. These portfolios are normally submitted in February of each year to the local AC who then submits the portfolio to the BDS Wales Committee. The portfolio is expected to contain details of only the previous past year so that duplicate work is not submitted. There is a strict marking scheme which is utilised by an outside marker and this ensures no bias. For the past years a member of BDS Council has been asked to fulfil this duty which everyone so far has found very pleasant. Full details can be found by asking Emily, however please refer to the guidelines document  for further information as well.

The DEADLINE for 2018 is February 10th to be handed in to your AC.

Download / view the BDS Wales Young driver Award Guidelines in PDF Format

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