Welcome to BDS Wales the WELSH Branch of the British Driving Society, an organisation run entirely by volunteers, the aim of which is to ‘encourage and assist those interested in equine driving’.

The BDS Welsh Branch is run by an elected Committee who meet three times a year which includes the members AGM which is held at the end of the calendar year in November. BDS Wales is sub-divided into seven regions headed by Area Commissioners (AC), who always welcome enquiries about driving and are the first person you should contact, if for example, you are new to driving or want to check out any activities arranged by the various areas. The Committee is made up of these seven ACs, the Rights of Way Officer, Young Drivers Representative, Secretary, Treasurer, Vice Chairman and Chairman.

The countryside varies considerably in Wales, with lovely hills, valleys and coastal areas offering many opportunities for carriage driving. Some are perhaps quite challenging but all are enjoyable.

BDS Wales Amroth Drive Carmarthenshire

Activities that are arranged in Wales include those of a leisurely nature, for example; Pleasure drives; Training for Adults/Young drivers, Rallys and Social evenings. For a more competitive edge, events can include; Showing, Trec, Cones and Dressage.  All activities however are conducted in a friendly and relaxed manner, with the emphasis always on everyone being willing to support and if appropriate, offer advice to others with perhaps less experience.

Unique to Wales is the BDS Wales Trec Championship series, the BDS Wales Young Drivers Award, the Young Drivers Summer Camp and currently we have received sponsorship to support two training days for adults from In Harness Magazine which will be aimed at the BDS Road Driving Assessment. These days will be held in North and South Wales to accommodate as many BDS Wales members as possible.

BDS Wales promotes safe driving practices and the welfare of all equines.

BDS Wales Show 2017

Sunday, 13th August 2017

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Sunday 19th November 2017

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